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Eggplant Parmesan Sliders

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Fiesta Platter

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Greek Salad

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Caesar Salad

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Mediterranean Platter    

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Smoked Fish Platter

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Grilled Vegetables Platter

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Vegetable Platter

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Grilled Salmon Wraps

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Eggplant Florentine Napoleon

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Salmon Almodine



Caprese Platter (50 pcs.) $95 

Sliced fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and olive oil

Vegetable Platter Med. $60 Lg.$70

Cheese Platter w. crackers -Lg. $95

Kani Salad - Lg. $120

Shredded crab imitation and cucumbers topped with sesame seeds and avocado

Tuna Tartare - $150

in ginger sesame sauce and topped with avocado

Grilled Vegetables Med. $80 Lg. $110

Rice Balls - Small pan (35 pcs.) - $70

Italian rice balls 


Eggplant Parmesan Sliders (38 pcs.) - $70

Eggplant parmesan garlic knot


Sm. Potato Bourekas (40 pcs.)  $50

Sm. Cheese Bourekas (40 pcs.) $55

Vegetable Quesadilla 40 pcs -$120


Tempura Salmon Bytes  $150

In sweet chilly sauce, 9x13 pan

Mini Sandwiches $95

50 pcs. served on mini fresh baked rolls

Tuna, egg salad and mushroom

Cream Cheese & Lox Mini Sandwiches- $125

50 pcs. served on homemade mini rolls 


Salmon Burger Sliders $125

50 pcs. served on homemade mini rolls 

Vegetable Kebab- 20 skewers $60

in pesto vinaigrette dressing

Bagel & Lox - $130

50 pcs. Served on 1/4 bagel w. cream cheese & lox


Fiesta Platter $150

Vegetable cigars, eggplant parmesan sliders,

arancini, mini egg rolls

mushroom pinwheels and house sauce

Fish Tacos  20 pcs. - $100

Battered and fried tilapia strips, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and french dressing

Lox Combo Platter (min 50 people) $20 per person

Lox, Tuna, Egg Salad, White Fish Salad, Cream Cheese,

Platter of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions

& pre-sliced bagels


Green Salads:

each salad serves about 10 - 12 people

Caesar Salad- $45

Iceberg lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing


Greek Salad - $45

Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, black olives,

topped with feta cheese, olive oil lemon dressing

Health Salad -$40

Iceberg lettuce tri-color peppers, cucumber, tomato,

red onion, lemon oil dressing


Salad by the Sea - $50

Iceberg lettuce, imitation crab, cherry tomato, cucumbers, red pepper,

red onion, thousand island dressing


Tropical Salad $45

Iceberg lettuce, orange, apple, onion, roasted almond,

balsamic dressing


Salad Calabria - $45

Iceberg Lettuce, orange, walnut, craisins

served with honey dijon dressing

Combo Salad Platters:

18" large platter, serve about 15-20 people

20 half pitas included with each platter

Mediterranean Platter - $120

hummus, babaganush, spanish eggplant salad, turkish salad, chickpea salad,  grape tomatoes 


Israeli Mix Platter $130

tabule salad, israeli salad, avocado salad, grilled vegetables, hummus


Greek Combo Platter  $130

feta cheese, grilled vegetables, tzatziki sauce, eggplant rolls, chopped greek salad,  stuffed grape leaves and olives


Sahara  Platter - $120

falafel balls, humus/tahina, babaganush, israeli salad 


American Combo Platter - $120

whitefish salad, potato salad, tuna salad and egg salad



serve about 12-15 people

Chickpeas Salad


Israeli Salad

Avocado Salad


Egg Salad  


White Fish Salad


Tabule (Couscous ) Salad


Pasta Salad


Tuna Fish

Orzo Salad


Spanish Fried Eggplants


Cole Slaw Salad


Potato Salad

Wraps & Sandwiches: 

10 Sandwiches Served on Panini Bread or

12’ Wrap and cut in 2 or 3 pcs.

Grilled Salmon Wrap $150

Lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed spinach


Basic Assorted Platter -  $100

Tuna, Egg Salad, Grilled Vegetables and Portobello


Deluxe Assorted Platter - $150

Eggplant Parmesan, Grilled Salmon, Portobello

Customized Platter - Call


Small Pan (good for 8-10 people)

or Large Pan (good for 18-20 people)


Pasta Marinara - Sm.$40 -Lg. $75


Fettuccine Alfredo - Sm.$50 -Lg. $90


Penne a la Vodka-  Sm.$50-Lg. $90


Penne a la Pesto- Sm.$50 -Lg. $90

Bow Ties with Broccoli - Sm.$45 -Lg. $85

in garlic sauce


Pasta Primavera - Sm.$50 -Lg. $95

Cherry tomato, broccoli, zucchini, cream sauce or marinara  


Penne a la Toscana - Sm.$45 -Lg. $75

Grape tomato, peppers, black olives, capers, shallots, light olive oil garlic sauce


Pasta Norma - -Lg. $85

with eggplant cubes, grape tomatoes, light white wine sauce, garlic,

 and cubed fresh mozzarella


Baked Dishes:

Eggplant Florentine - Lg. $130

Eggplant tower layered with ricotta, parmesan, and  spinach, topped

with mozzarella & marinara sauce

Eggplant Parmesan - Sm.$50 -Lg. $110

Layered eggplant with cheese, marinara

Rollatini - Sm. $60  -Lg. $130

Rolled eggplant with ricotta, parmesan and marinara 

Penne Ariella - Sm.$60- Lg. $110

Baked penne in vodka sauce with broccoli and spinach


Baked Penne  - Sm.$50 -Lg. $90


Lasagna Rolls Lg. (Vegetable $120 or Plain $110)


Price per 5 0z. a portion of fish. Min. 8 portion

Tilapia Marsala $7


Grilled Salmon $8

Salmon Kebab $10

Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce $8

                                                                                                            Salmon Almondine $10

Baked in almond crust

Moroccan Salmon $9

 in tomato-garlic-olive oil sauce

Tuscan Salmon $12

in ​creamy garlic butter with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach

Tilapia Florentine $10

Rolled tilapia stuffed with sautéed spinach


Salmon Florentine $12

Served on a bed of sautéed spinach with a touch of lemon and olive oil

Salmon Capri $12

Salmon cubes sauted with peppers, carrots, onions and tomatoes in olive garlic sauce


Side Dishes:

French Fries

Seasoned Rice

String Beans

Sauteed Vegetables

Garlic Knots








חלב ישראל

Fruit Platter

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Antipasta Salad

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Tuna & Egg Salad

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Assorted Platter

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Assorted Panini

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Pasta Norma

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Pasta Alfredo

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Tuna Tartare

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Caprese Platter

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Lox Combo Platter

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Vegetable Kebab

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Calabria Salad

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American Combo Platter

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Greek Platter

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Lasagna Rolls

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Tilapia Florentine

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